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Domino Legal Support is

an expert in telecoms & technology convergence

Starting from the first mobile phone operator in Poland, and the first contracts concerning network connections and regulatory procedures, Domino Legal Support specialises in telecoms service convergence, broadcasting and new technology. The borders between these industries are blurring, but the knowledge and experience from each of them are of value to our clients.

Beata Domino played an active part in the creation of the Polish mobile telecoms market, which has formed the basis for the current convergence in telecoms services. For years she has offered legal support to companies and projects in the telecoms sector, including all projects related to the building of network infrastructure, the launching and ongoing support of telecom services, including MVNOs. Thanks to this Domino Legal Support has experience in practically all areas of the telecoms industry.

Domino Legal Services also specialises in cases related to the supply, licensing and maintenance of IT systems, high tech equipment and software, as well as unique computer systems.


„Legal Eagle”

Whenever necessary, Domino Legal Support also helps their clients in court, managing mainly complex court and administrative cases, e.g. in licensing, telecoms and insurance cases. We also support our clients in criminal cases, complex civil cases and in arbitration (including in the Vienna International Arbitral Centre).

As early as 2004 Beata Domino was granted the title “Legal Eagle” – as an author of one of the 20 best legal solutions, completed over the previous 5 years. The recipients of this prestigious title were chosen by a jury made up of top legal specialists and politicians with a legal background and they were announced in the weekly magazine Wprost. The titles were granted on the basis of an analysis of the effectiveness of lawyers in 20 of the most complex cases which best showcased the abilities of the respective barristers and attorneys-at-law. From this time on, Beata Domino has continued to implement the idea of this title in everyday practice for her clients.

Domino Legal Support takes on cases which are both difficult and often the first of their kind and has the courage and stamina to carry them forward and see them to the finish. Clients also come to us if they have a crisis in their businesses, and here we help them overcome these problems.


specialist in business deals

Domino Legal Support helps and doesn’t hinder you in making your business deals – often beginning with the thinking up of simple and effective legal solutions. To put them into practice we prepare the necessary documents, above all – contracts. They are usually short, with the goal that they should always be easy to understand. This is particularly important with regard to complex and innovative transactions and projects, such as the launch of new services, products, sales systems or franchises. For many years Domino Legal Services has specialised also in both national and international business negotiations which are completed effectively and efficiently.


creative industries ally

Domino Legal Support has helped the creators working in advertising and branding for years. Thanks to our knowledge of author’s rights and intellectual property, our clients can continue to expand their creativity with peace of mind.


real estate business from A to Z

From outdoor advertising, through the rental of offices and retail space in shopping centres (existing and under construction) to the purchase or sale of real estate for all business purposes, Domino Legal Services has been working on these issues for years and thanks to their case experience their clients can make better real estate deals – from A to Z.


support in banking cases

Domino Legal Support banking experience commenced more than 20 years ago.  It is the merger between that experience, specialist knowledge and ability to handle court cases which ensures the real support to our Clients – also in Swiss francs loan cases.  Particularly qualified, reliable and ethical legal assistance is needed in such cases to individuals who face the banks – and this is the assistance we provide.

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