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Domino Legal Support is a law firm which offers legal advice to business. For more than 20 years we have been effectively supporting companies, including those with foreign capital. Thanks to our international experience and understanding of business we can help you safely set up, develop and manage your business. Our services have been used by more than 100 companies, both Polish and foreign, including the leading ones in the area of telecoms/technology convergence.

Domino Legal Support’s clients gain a safe haven in which to develop their business. Our legal solutions are tailored to the business needs of our clients. These give real legal protection, both now and for the future. Our clients feel safe and free in their business dealings.

Domino Legal Support also works pragmatically and quickly, communicating in a clear way. We give clear advice and cooperate in a down-to-earth way – also in the English and in Russian.

benefits of working with Domino Legal Support

  • solving legal problems so that they don’t reappear. The problems we deal with are by their nature mostly complicated, indeed often unique. We tackle and solve them in a direct, practical and complex way – including in court if necessary. The client’s legal issues (also crisis related) are dealt with and then moved to calmer waters.
  • pioneering projects – for these projects we create unique but simple solutions, avoiding any unnecessary complications. This started when playing an active role in the creation of the Polish mobile telecoms market in the 1990s which has formed the basis for the current convergence in telecoms services. For years we have taken part in the building of new companies, new industries and new technologies. Thanks to this we are continually learning new solutions to problems.
  • contracts which help – not hinder in transacting business, including with foreign partners in all areas of the client’s activities. Even in complicated issues they are written in a straightforward way and have been negotiated effectively also with multiple partners at the same time.
  • dispute resolution – best done by agreement and settlement, however if necessary – also in court (both civil and criminal), administrative procedures or in arbitration (also international)
  • skills – attention to detail, courage, with the ability to keep in mind the “big picture”

– all on the foundation of many years of international experience. These attributes can also be found in other legal service teams, however Domino Legal Support links them together in a unique whole, which helps our clients run their businesses.


Domino Legal Support is a law firm headed up by Beata Domino, an experienced attorney-at-law admitted in Poland with both foreign and Polish practical experience including on many pioneering projects. She worked as a lawyer in foreign legal firms and also as the head of the internal legal team for large corporations in Poland. From 1997, she has run a private law firm. She has managed to build a team of legal specialists, carefully chosen, who she has worked with for years. Thanks to good project management and teamwork, Domino Legal Support successfully cooperates with clients, in-house company lawyers as well as other law firms.


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